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Employee Engagement Survey
How invested are your employees to their work and the mission of your organization?

An employee engagement survey provides a useful tool to determine the extent that employees feel connected to your organization. Engaged employees consider themselves to be a viable part of the company where they experience personal meaning and fulfillment in their work. Their genuine connection to the organization is reflected in their job performance. Applied Assessments' employee engagement surveys are customized to address specific topics and issues that are important to your organizational culture. Discover whether your employees are engaged and understand the motivating factors that contribute to their engagement and commitment to your organization.

Benefits from a well designed employee engagement survey are substantial when viewed in terms of:
Identifying organizational strengths and developmental opportunities
Understanding the impact of current policies and practices on employee motivation
Identifying strategies to enhance employee productivity and personal fulfillment
Increasing retention of the most valuable employees
Expanding employee's efforts towards organizational goals
Promoting workforce quality and problem solving initiatives

Development & Implementation Process Includes: To Ensure Confidentiality:
Theme Discovery Interviews Survey managed by Applied Assessments
Survey Construction & Design All data sent directly to Applied Assessments
Survey Data Analysis & Interpretation Only aggregated data reported
Employee Engagement Survey Report
Action Planning & Recommendations
Survey Findings Feedback

Report Design:
  • Profile graphs and narrative description of results
  • Comparison to specified norm groups
  • Action planning and recommendations
  • Pre-survey communications to introduce survey process and to assure confidentiality
  • On-line administration and paper & pencil options
  • Development of organizational normative data


Recent research has shown that engaged employees are more focused and effective in their work assignments than non-engaged employees. They also perform beyond their job requirements. Positive relationships have also been established between engagement and other job characteristics such as autonomy, feedback, problem solving and social support.

Contact Applied Assessments for more information and/or to conduct an Employee Engagement Survey at your organization.


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